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Arriving to Kamppi

Driving to Kamppi

Kamppi's address is Urho Kekkosen katu 1. Parking garage called P-Kamppi holds parking lots for 250 vehicles. Entrance to P-Kamppi is located in Olavinkatu. Another parking garage called P-CityForum holds parking lots for up to 1300 vehicles. Entrance to P-CityForum is located in Simonkatu.

Passage from garages to Kamppi shopping center is done by elevators. 

Parking garages are open mon-sun from 6am to 12am. Driving out from the car park is possible 24/7.







Public transportation to Kamppi

There is a large variety of public transportation options to arrive to Kamppi, such as buses and metro/subway. Kamppi's address is Urho Kekkosen katu 1.

Shopping Center's E-level works as a final stop for the buses arriving from Espoo. Within the same E-level there is entrance for incoming and outgoing metro/subway traffic. Yellow dome located next to the K-Supermarket is the entrance to the metro station. Escalators to the long distance transportation/bus terminal (K-Floor) is located opposite the yellow dome.

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