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MUJI Kamppi

MUJI to open the largest MUJI in Europe in Kamppi 4th floor next fall

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Speciality Food
MUJI would like to be a platform to connect people, society, and nature. Among the company’s main product lines of fashion, household and food, food is the most essential for everyday life. Today, the farmers or harbors where the foods are produced have become quite distant from many people who live in city centers. Most of these people do not know the producers and do not know the soil and sea that produced these resources. In this new store, MUJI will introduce a Speciality Food corner for the first time in Europe, and will offer good and safe local food directly sourced from producers.

MUJI will unveil a large selection of books mainly related to lifestyle and everyday life. People will be able to discover new ideas for living not only through our products, but through these books as well. The bookshelves will run through the store and help people form links between ideas, departments, and products.

MUJI Marketplace
One of MUJI’s aims is to be a platform for the local community. To begin this activity, MUJI will create a space for local people to sell their produce. The idea is that this market changes periodically according to seasonal availability.

MUJI will hold regular events to ensure dialogue with the community. OPEN MUJI is a space made for these events. The event schedule will be published on the website and in the store.

MUJI Embroidery Service
MUJI’s embroidery service allows customers to choose from over 300 embroidered designs and letters to add to any of the brand’s clothing or textile items. Great for monogramming and creating personalized gifts.

POP-UP Shop in Kamppi
In advance of the launch, MUJI has opened its 3rd pop-up shop in Helsinki running from 29th October to 20th January to celebrate the brand’s arrival in Finland. Located in the Kamppi Shopping Centre on the 4th floor, the retail space will sell a curated selection of MUJI’s iconic items that center around daily essential needs and include the MUJI Aroma Diffuser, Body Fit Cushion, stationary items and cleaning products.

About MUJI
MUJI was founded during the 1980s in Japan as a response and counter to the habits of commercial consumer society at the time. Our vision to bring ‘No Brand, Quality Goods’ Short for “Mujirushi Ryohin” was realised overseas for the first time in 1991 when MUJI opened a store within the Liberty department store. In the 25 years since then, MUJI has continued to grow to now more than 57 MUJI stores across Europe.

MUJI is based on three core principles, which remain unchanged to this day:
1. Selection of materials
2. Streamlining of processes
3. Simplification of packages

MUJI’s products, born from an extremely rational manufacturing process, are succinct, but they are not in the minimalist style. That is, they are like empty vessels. Simplicity and emptiness yield the ultimate universality, embracing the feelings and thoughts of all people.

We have been credited with being “resource-saving”, “low-priced”, “simple”, “anonymous” and “nature-oriented”.

Without placing a disproportionate emphasis on any one of these varied assessments, MUJI aims to live up to all.